Turning The Page In Your Own Book

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you actually took action on the things you've always dreamed of? How about wondering the differences it would make if you finally stopped listening to what everyone else thinks you should do? Right now, in this moment, as you read through this, think about how different your life would look if YOU took charge of turning the page in YOUR OWN BOOK starting today. Who would you listen to? What would you start doing? Where would you go?

In my personal opinion, the way we view our lives is simply a result of our experiences in and from our surroundings. From the people we hang out with, to our parents raising us, and even our environments in the work and school place. Every single day that we are alive, we are experiencing everything that life has to offer. What comes out of the offer, is how we decide to redeem it.

Let's analyze. First things first, at the top of your head, what has been one thing that you've been wanting to accomplish or venture out and do, but haven't because of your surrounding factors? The next step, get out a piece of paper and write down every single surrounding factor and excuse as to why you haven't gone out and done what you desire.

Was it because you "don't have enough time"? Or was it because of someone telling you that it wasn't a good idea? Within reason, seriously think about why you haven't gone out and done the things yet.

There are so many stories and times that I can tell you about where I've held back doing something that I've wanted to do because of my surrounding factors and the hard emotions that it might bring. What really drew me away from doing the things, was the potential backlash that it might have brought. It's so easy to stay in our comfort zones and go through the motions of life playing it safe, but if you're anything like me, playing it safe wasn't how I wanted to live. I wanted to experience things, I wanted to go out of the norm and do the things that 95% of the world wouldn't or never will. I wanted to create my own legacy that wasn't built off of someone else. I wanted to live life for me. I'm using past tense, because that was me. I was always playing it safe and listening to what everyone else thought I should do with my life until I said "NO MORE!!!".

How does it really sound to just play it safe? How does it really sound to just not pursue your passions because, well, "it's just not a good idea"~someone's opinion? How does it really sound to just stay in your bubble the rest of your life wondering "what if"?


If you want to live your life playing it safe, I'm totally cool with that, but I firmly believe each and every single individual on this earth has the potential to fulfill their passions and dreams. You have to believe in yourself. Other people can believe in you, but if you don't believe in yourself, chances are your accomplishment rate isn't going to be very high. You have to believe that no matter how much the "trolls" think poorly of your idea or your lifestyle, or your even your inventions, if you believe in yourself, that's all you need sisters and brothers!! Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".

Listen to your heart. Let yourself decide when it's time to turn the page in YOUR BOOK. People will always be apart of our stories, but they shouldn't dictate who the author is. Allow yourself to fulfill your passions even if it is silly to someone else. Allow yourself to start that podcast or YouTube channel showcasing what YOU have to offer in this world. Create authenticity in your life and use a fine a$$ pen to start scribbling on that next page. You can do this.

I believe in you brothers and sissy's.

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