Practicing Self-Care To Gain Balance

You're in the middle of a stressful week -- your face is breaking out, you're craving sugary foods, you have no motivation to exercise, and on top of that, there seems to be an irritating twitch in the middle of your back under your shoulder blade that just won't give. Work seems to keep getting more stressful. Relationships seem to be dull. Socializing has been a lot harder; so, what do you do to regain mind, body, & spiritual balance??

No one is alone in this journey we call life and some days may seem to be harder than others, but at the end of the day, we are in complete control in how we decide to regain our balance. It truly starts with our mind and our actions following it.

For just one minute, close your eyes. Claim dominance over yourself and for just 60 seconds, list 3 things in your mind that you're grateful for. Now, after you've thought about those 3 things, speak those 3 things out loud. Listen to the sound of your voice site what you are grateful for while still keeping your eyes closed. After that, slowly open your eyes and write those 3 things down. Release them into the universe and feel your heart and mind start to change from negative, to positive. Allow yourself to remember those 3 things throughout your day when your thoughts feel like they're turning. Practice daily.

When you are able to exercise your mind in ways that benefit you, that is the point in which you are in the process of gaining balance. Not only can you meditate and do mindful positive thinking, other activities can just as much help aid you in gaining more overall balance in your life.

Here is a list of 25 self-care practices that will help improve your overall

mind, body, & spiritual balance.

1. Take 25 minutes out of your day to read an inspiring book

2. Participate in a local yoga class (Genesha Yoga for my Grand Forks people)

3. De-clutter your bedroom closet and donate your clothes to a local homeless shelter

4. Pay-it-forward by purchasing someone else's coffee, food, etc.

5. Listen to a podcast (& earn gift cards while doing so on the Podcoin app -- use referral code "Aeria1vi" to earn bonus points when you start listening)

6. Sip on some tea & journal

7. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes

8. Go hiking in nature's finest surroundings

9. Pray in a quiet setting or in nature (if you're religious)

10. If you're an athlete or someone with chronic pain and inflammation, experience the benefits of Cryotherapy (take care of your body in a holistic way)

11. Schedule time for an in-home spa day (pedi's, mani's, face masks, coffee/tea/wine, bubble bath, watch your favorite t.v. series, etc.)

12. Create a blog to express things that you're passionate about

13. Go for a walk with your best friend

14. Create a list of 30 things that you're grateful for

15. Write a letter of gratitude to someone special in your life

16. Have a wine and movie night with your favorite sister friends

17. Experience the physical & mental benefits of Floating (Waves Float Center in Grand Forks)

18. Schedule in a couple hours to clean your house/apartment/condo/garage

19. Scroll through Pinterest to find an appealing DIY project to do

20. Volunteer at your local animal shelter (Circle of Friends for my GF people)

21. Attend a church service, bible study group, or volunteer at a church (if you're religious)

22. Get dolled up and do an in-home photoshoot

23. Create a to-do list of ALL of the things you'd like to accomplish and start tackling them one at a time

24. Treat yourself to a tasty shake at your local shake shop (Now or Never Nutrition, again for my GF people)

25. Attend a group fitness class for all levels of fitness (Anytime Fitness Grand Forks)

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