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As our country goes through this trying time, encouraging each other to stay positive is one of the most important things we can do. Whether you're having to be quarantined or you're just staying inside to use extra precautions, there are plenty of "at home" things we can do to enlighten the mood.

With that, here are some highlighted things you can do to preoccupy your time in your home:

1. Take the time to enjoy that cup of Joe that you're so used to rushing out the door with.

Let your life slow down from all of the chaos that tends to happen in our day to day lives and reflect on all of the GOOD THINGS that you have.

2. Clean that bedroom, closet, garage, or storage unit that you've been "meaning to clean".

Take this time as a sign given to us that slowing down is not a bad thing, if anything it's been a gift that we're being blessed with to show us what we were lacking to get done on our "to-do" lists.

3. Get connected with a mentor for those "trying emotions".

You're not alone in any of this as the entire country is battling on the same field of what we are going through. Having a good support system and positive people in your life is shown to enlighten your mood with a typical perspective "aha" moment in the mix.

4. Use what it's your house to stay active.

Realistically, even as an advanced athlete, there are PLENTY of things we can do to stay active in our home. At home workouts aren't as enjoyable to some, but when you have no other option, moving your body in some shape or form will help keep those good hormones increased and balanced while giving you a less likely harder time emotionally overall.

5. Journal.

Going through the motions of life, we sometimes forget to take the time to take care of our emotion state and as uncomfortable as it is, incorporating techniques that help keep a well balanced mental state, isn't always a bad idea.

6. Read a book.

Readers are leaders. Leaders are helpers. Helpers are need help too. Taking the time to read not only passes the time by, but also increases our knowledge, our perspectives, and has been known to increase good hormones as well.

7. Be creative and scrounge up random household items for a DIY project.

PINTEREST. The holy mother of all ideas. Let your mind be creative. Take an old dresser and paint it to your liking or maybe even turn it into some sort of shelve for your books or antiques.

8. Create a gratitude list.

Focusing on the things that we are grateful for have a severe impact on how we choose to run our days. It impacts the state of our emotions and now a days, it seems as though negative talk and negative energy outweigh the positive talk and positive energy. Practicing gratitude helps eliminate the negative and increase the wholeheartedness.


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