Embracing Your Struggles

Do you ever feel at times, that the light that is said to be at the end of the tunnel isn't really there? Do you feel suffocated by your thoughts and where you're currently at in your life? How about the people you surround yourself with: drama galore? Life isn't always cracked out to what it's supposed to be, so they say.. But what does that even mean?

Life isn't always cracked out to be what we see in the books and movies because it's where we're currently at it our lives with the mindset that we've produced over the time of going through "things". It's the exact thought processes that we have in our minds at this current state that deteriorate us from acceptance and being able to move on in a positive manner.

In this very moment, as you read through this post, think about your life and all that it's offered you. Consider the hand you've been dealt. To an extent, some may say you were lucky, but some may say you were unlucky. To the unlucky ones, I applaud you. I applaud you because you are still here today. In fact, I know you're still here because you're reading this post right now. You're not unlucky, you're THRIVING! It's time you start to realize that now.

If you're wanting to win at life, you must first learn to accept all that it has to offer so that you can embrace all that it has to show. As you've all probably heard, learning to accept is the first and foremost thing you could do when you're trying to make it through certain life happenings. Once you've learned to accept things as they come unto you, the next step is to EMBRACE them. When you're asking yourself, "Why does this have to always happen to me? Why am I being treated this way? Why doesn't he/she like me? Why did I have to be the one that was dealt with this messy relationship? Why can't my family just get along?", you'll just keep ending up complacent.

Now, see how all of those questions started with "Why"? For just one second, let's take out the word "why" and add "how". "How can I change the way I react to things that happen to me? How can I politely get these people to see I don't like being treated this way? How can I get myself to realize that it's okay for not everyone to like me? How can I do my part to fix the problems in my messy relationship? How can I learn to genuinely get along with my family?"

When you're able to alter your questions that require you to take action on something, that is when you have finally mastered the embracing part of life. Instead of asking "why", ask "how". Watch how drastically your life will start to change when you apply that simple principle of doing.


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