5 Ways To Earn Mindless Income

Are you in a place in life where you could REALLY use some extra cash? Perhaps for bills, debt, emergency funds, or even a little extra "fun money" to stash away? Well, if you're in need, you've stumbled upon the right blog post!

Here are 5 ways that you can earn mindless income without minimal efforts!

1. Ibotta

Earn cash back from the purchases you already make!

Use referral code: a4zlxa and earn an extra $5 at sign-up when you redeem your first receipt!

2. Sell On Facebook Marketplace

Whether you're needing to make a little extra space in your home or garage, sell your used items on Facebook Marketplace to earn spare change.

3. Podcoin

Are you currently already listening to podcasts? Do you enjoy listening to them on the daily? Well, Podcoin now offers cash back to those avid listeners! Download the mobile app today and start listening!

Use referral code: Aeria1vi to earn your first 150 points towards your first gift card.

4. Babysit/Pet-sit

Do you enjoy kids and even pets? Get paid to mindlessly enjoy what you enjoy! On and even in your local Facebook groups and newspapers, find a family suitable to you and earn money planning activities and play-time for both kids and animals!

5. Crafting

For some people, crafting seems to be a mindless way for someone to escape from reality and yesterday's worries! With tuning into your creative side, whether that's making household items or even baking, earn money while you do so! Post your items, on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Etsy, or even create your own website to sell your items!


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