2020, Who's Ready?!

Let's start this off right with coffee in one hand and as the saying goes, gaining confidence in the other!

Twenty-Twenty is near y'all, and how many of you still have yet to accomplish what you wanted to in 2019? Let's see them hands!! Because I know I'm one of those people that didn't accomplish everything I wanted!

January, 1st has become the day where EVERYONE has "good" intentions. Intentions to make changes, form better habits, create life changing relationships, to eat healthier, exercise more, etc. The hype about resolutions really, is underrated. It's underrated because those of us who are trying to create a better life, most often don't have the support or the mental capacity to accomplish what we actually want. Those of you who say, "The resolutioners are about to come out", shame on you, because no one should EVER feel belittled for having or wanting good intentions and in hopes, that one day they can turn their life around for the better.

Who here has made a resolution and never stuck with it? Take a second to think about why that was. There is always a deeper reasoning as to why we don't accomplish the things that we do. Was it revolving around lack of support? Finances? Emotional instability? Lack of confidence? When you take a second to find the underlying reasoning, moving forward gets a heck of a lot easier.

What comes to mind when I think about resolutions, is that it revolves around change. Change, in ways where I don't want to keep living my life the way that I am because I want to live the absolute best life that I possibly could have. I think about the future and everything that I want, including the things I need to do to get there. I think about the impact. I ask myself, "how will this change my life if i do... etc.". What comes to mind when I think about resolutions, is simply figuring out how to accomplish a better way of living and to have genuine happiness throughout my lifetime.

"Where to start and how do I set my resolutions?", you may ask. Well, here are five questions to ask yourself when setting your intentions for the year.

1. Who am I really setting this resolution or goal for?

Asking yourself who you're setting a goal for helps you analyze the underlying reasoning as to why you want to set a goal in the first place.

EXAMPLE: Bridget: "I want to get shredded for bikini season!!!"

NARRATOR: Bridget recently got dumped by her boyfriend. Lately shes been OBSESSING over going to the gym and sometimes going 2 times a day, wearing little to no clothing when she goes out with her girlfriends, and has overall just been acting slightly different. Bridget wants to make a statement that she "is all that in a bag of potato chips" without her recognizing why she is doing the things she is doing.

Sometimes, asking ourselves why we want to set a certain goal and achieve it, is SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE because it means we need to get emotional. Every single choice that we make is based off of a certain emotion. Some choices are easier to make when we're happy and some are harder to make when we're angry. Emotions are everything and following, our actions really say it all without saying anything at all. Like Bridget, she was hurting. She didn't consciously know what she was doing. Truthfully, she was wanting to make a statement to her now ex, that "she's a smoke show and he's going to miss out". Her actions were wanting physical bodily changes because she wanted him to be jealous. Wanting to get shredded for bikini season wasn't truly for her. It was a goal made from bitterness which surely wouldn't last long in trying to accomplish it, due to the fact that it wasn't a goal for her to accomplish because she wanted it for someone else, not herself.

2. Why have I not been able to accomplish goals in the past?

Analyzing previous goals that you did not accomplish will help you learn not only about your tendency's in life, but also how to set yourself up differently in ways where you will be more successful when trying to achieve something in the future.

EXAMPLE: Lennie: "I've been setting a goal to only go out once a month on a weekend of my choice for the past 6 months because I need to save up money for my car parts, but I don't know what's wrong with me and why I can't resist going out every single weekend. I'm frigging broke."

NARRATOR: Lennie's dad passed away a little over a year ago and has fallen off of the band wagon since. He's been depressed, drinking to much, going out shopping and compulsively buying things, and to an extent, really just being reckless with his actions towards not only himself, but others. After Lennie's father passed away, every single emotion he had, shut off. He became numb to recognizing why he was making the choices that he was. He never dealt with the pain of grieving after the loss of his father. Which there in after caused him to do the things he was doing. Hereinafter, he has now recognized that he never dealt with the loss and is ready to do so, so that he can move on with learning how to live a better life.

3. What do I have to do to accomplish my goals and resolutions this year?

After some time of trying to figure out what it is that you'd like to accomplish, comes what you'll actually need to do if you want to be successful in achieving what it is that you desire. We've all heard about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, so with that, let's define that.






Get creative with how you'd like to accomplish a goal. It doesn't do you any good having a boring plan of action. Write out your goals and PLASTER THEM EVERYWHERE. Eventually, after seeing them everywhere, your subconscious will help your conscious mind act. Get an accountability partner with whom you can share your goals with, and always always always keep a positive perspective. No one ever got anywhere in life with a negative mindset.

4. Where will life lead me to and what will my life look like if I achieve my goals and resolutions?

"As for me and my house, we will serve the lord." Joshua 24:15. It's true. When you accomplish a goal that you've worked so hard for, comes an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness. When you serve, when you do the things that aid you in accomplishing living your best life and discovering more about what you're capable of, good things are sure to come and happen. We all have dreams and visions and how cool is it when they actually become your reality?! Thinking about those things even makes me happy!! Does it do the same for you? If not, well, you didn't establish the right goals then.

5. When I accomplish my goals and resolutions, how will I reward myself?

Accomplishment: The successful achievement of a task. Whether you've worked towards a goal in your personal health & fitness or whether you've worked towards a goal in your career, keep the reward relative to the goal that you've achieved. When you've worked so ungodly hard to achieve something that was meaningful to you, making an impulsive purchase that was unrelated to your goal, can sometimes set you back and not only that, it can take you off guard from what really mattered in the first place.

With all of that, goals and resolutions are what we make them out to be. Using the right and appropriate tools will surely help the ones who utilize them to create the greatest values in life that we could possibly endure.

2020, Who's Ready?!


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