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About Us & Our Story

Lifestyles By Choice, was founded in 2016, from originally almost becoming a health coaching practice and business. In the former pursuit of the founder being accepted into the Institute For Integrative Nutrition's health coaching program, she realized after being in the program that timing wasn't right, nor did she feel like she was meant to continue her studies. Although Lifestyles By Choice did not reside with a health coaching practice or business, it has now been created to be and offer so much more.

Lifestyles By Choice, LLC promotes a healthful way of living. With the help of a strong community, we believe that you can achieve living your best life along with discovering your true potential of what you're capable of. Throughout the choices that we've made, we've created a life that we are currently living and on your journey in life, YOU are the one that gets to decide exactly how you want to live. 

"I always knew that Lifestyle By Choice was going to be made for more than a health coaching practice and business. Although I did not fulfill and complete my health coaching studies through IIN, I am confident that LBC is being created how it is authentically made to be. It is a focus of all mind, body, and spirit aspects throughout oneself so that with proper balance, you can truthfully find the potential within your means to finally pursue living your best life."

                           -Aerial Bender



Lifestyles By Choice, LLC


615 1st Ave N Suite B Grand Forks, North Dakota 58203

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